Essentials of Software as a Service (SaaS) Contracts:

What to Include and What to Leave Behind

Recorded: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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As cloud-based software applications become increasingly commonplace, corporate, intellectual property and information technology counsel have been called upon to revise the terms of their clients' traditional software license agreements to better fit the software as a service (SaaS) model. Counsel who do not recognize and properly address key differences between on-site and provider-hosted software risk significant business, operational and legal consequences for their clients.

Join Practical Law Company for a free 75-minute webinar in which partner Matthew A. Karlyn of Cooley LLP will afford attendees with:

  • The key functional differences between licensee-possessed and provider-hosted software and the legal consequences that flow from these differences.
  • How the SaaS customer can best seek to avoid the loss of SaaS services and customer data.
  •  The special concerns that SaaS and other cloud-based services raise concerning data privacy, security, integrity and disaster recovery and how these can be addressed in the SaaS agreement.
  • The customer's recourse if the SaaS provider rejects the SaaS agreement as a debtor in bankruptcy.
  • How best to craft the parties' agreement to ensure the continued availability and support of SaaS services. 

Our presenter will also provide insights into the prevailing trends in these key areas.


Matthew A. Karlyn, Partner, Cooley LLP

Paul Connuck, Editor, Intellectual Property & Technology, Practical Law Company (Moderator)


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